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Family Films... Your deepest and most pure love in motion.


I bet you're like me and have so many videos on your phone that you've taken of your kids over time. But there's one thing missing in those memories.. you!

You might think you have nothing special to film but a family film wraps up the raw, honest, full of heart and love moments that happen in your everyday.  The moments that you don't even realise happen, or are hard to see the beauty in when you are parenting. 

So much of my own heart goes into making your family video. It’s not the ‘perfect’ moments I want stored for you as core memories but the real ones…

The silly made up games that only a toddler could convince you to play. 

Story time with their favourite book you’ve read 382 times in the last week. 

Body slams and soul filling giggling on the bed. 

The full body cuddles as they fall asleep in your arms. 


It’s the imperfect, real life, routine, seemingly insignificant moments that roll over from one day to the next until one day they don’t.. Because they’ll be all grown up.


 Just imagine having a film like this to watch together in 10 years time. 


Sometimes it’s years that pass before we look back and recognise that all those little and seemingly insignificant things were really the big things.

"We are absolutely blown away with our video. Paige has captured the true essence of how it feels to be a new mum and dad. I could watch this all day long and I know we will love this forever."


"What you have given me personally is the gift of seeing that I am enough as a mother. I can't put into words how much this film means to us. Thank you."

- Anna



"We haven’t stopped watching our family film! My eyes well up every time, my husbands smile grows bigger watching his precious little girls, and my kids just love seeing themselves on the video asking for 'one more time' again and again. I can’t put in words how precious our family film is to us. Memories that will last a life time, simply perfect"

- Tahlia

Paige is a Melbourne based newborn, family, maternity photographer and videographer based in the Inner West of Melbourne. Paige services all areas of Melbourne and beyond including the Macedon Ranges, Geelong, the Surf Coast, Mornington Peninsula Geelong and Ballarat.

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