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PHOTOS & VIDEOS that will make your heart burst with love



Hello, I'm Paige - Melbourne based family, newborn and maternity photographer and filmmaker

I take the photos and make the videos so that you can be in them! 

 I document love in all it's most honest and intimate forms.  I make soulful photos and videos for real families like yours, in the places you love with the people you love most.


Within the walls of your home, the love story of your family is held. 


There is so much love in your every day.

Let me show you.

Ella Ben Mae - Maternity -44.jpg


watch this (sound on)

"I don't think I've cried so many happy tears apart from when the kids were born. What a gift you have given us - I just can't believe how beautiful it is watching us on film. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

- Emma


A family film is your deepest and most pure love in motion!

While I love memory making in all forms, it's the storytelling power of video that I find my heart drawn to most.


Lots of people think about getting their family photographed but few realise that they can have a film made too. A family film is like a time machine in the way a photograph can't possibly be. While a photograph can elicit a feeling, a film will take you back in time to the moment in full and deeply move you. The movement, the colour, the feeling, her voice, his love - your memory and love in motion. It's not about doing something 'video worthy' because there is so much love in your everyday and given the chance, I will show you just how much. 

 I could talk to you for hours about what a family film is but what I would really love to do is show you.

Click through below to take a look at some of my films.


I would be honoured to make a film for your family. 

Louie Compressed -1.jpg

It's the story that I love and the power images have to transport us back in time. We remember where we were, what we saw, the voices of loved ones and the one I love the most - how we felt. 


... the way he smiles at you

... her sweet giggle when she's tickled

... the way he bites on his lip when he's concentrating

... how she snuggles into you on the couch

Paige is a Melbourne based newborn, family, maternity and motherhood photographer and videographer based in the inner west suburb of Yarraville. Paige services all areas of Melbourne and beyond including the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Macedon Ranges, the Surf Coast, Geelong and Ballarat.
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