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I'm a Melbourne based family, newborn & maternity photographer and filmmaker.  I document love in all its most honest and intimate forms.

I'm Paige Gotts

This photo of my fam was taken at home in our backyard by the incredible Kylie Purtell

I want to capture the love that you feel every day but don't always see.

I want to show you that you are enough and how deeply you are loved in return.

I’m a vintage lover through and through and a country girl at heart. My favourite childhood movie is The Sound Of Music ( long live Queen Julie!) I don’t know how I would have survived this life without my posse. Family and friendships are everything.


I live in the inner west of  Melbourne with my husband MG and our two little boys.  MG and I have been on a lot of adventures around the world including one 8 year long adventure in London. 


Since becoming a mum, I have never felt nor seen more beauty in the in-between moments. When I held my first baby boy for the first time I knew I never wanted to forget any detail of his tiny being and how it felt to be his mum. My babies have changed the way I see the world. There is so much unique beauty and love in what can feel so messy and hard in our everyday lives. It's those real and honest moments that I want to bottle up forever.

Motherhood photographer melbourne

Me and my first babe

I'm a memory maker

I'm what you might call a helpless nostalgic.

I've loved photographs and watching homemade family films ever since I can remember. Looking at them, taking them, sharing them. As a child I spent hours looking through old photo albums with my mum and dad as they'd tell stories of the people and places in their lives. 30 years on and the films dad took of us all as a family in the backyard have a value that I could never put into words.

If you could go back in time to one day in our life and relive that day, what would it be?

For me, it would be one spent with my dad. To hear his voice and laugh again.. to play widely and freely as a family as we do now with our boys.. to feel his love.. I'd go back to that.


And one day, when I'm no longer here, I hope my boys want go back and relive a day with me.. and I hope that they can through the archive of films and photos I've made and had made for our family.

Family films and photos are for you but they are also for them... and there are forever. 


my style

I document honest connection and real moments in the places you love with the people you love most. I will rarely ask you to look at the camera, my family films and photographs are unposed, authentic and full of love. A session with me is about booking in special and quality time to slow down and simply be together.

If my work speaks to your heart, I'd love to get to know you. Get in touch and let's chat.

Based in Yarraville and servicing Melbourne, Country Victoria, Australia and beyond!

A little moving portrait of two of my favourite people at Aireys Inlet.

Paige is a Melbourne based newborn, family, maternity photographer and videographer based in the Inner West of Melbourne. Paige services all areas of Melbourne and beyond including the Macedon Ranges, Geelong, the Surf Coast, Mornington Peninsula Geelong and Ballarat.

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