What is your style?

My style is very natural, real, unposed and unique to your family! I won’t ask you to smile and look at the camera. I want to capture your family as you are. I am all about documenting honest connection and authentic moments. My passion lies in telling stories through timeless and emotive photographs and films to make you, your children and your grandchildren smile for years to come. It's as simple as that really. I love seeking out beautiful light and use only natural light in my work.

Do you service my area?

I’m based in Yarraville in the Inner West of Melbourne, but am very happy to travel. Holidaying at the beach? Trekking through coastal scrub? Let me know, I love venturing away for a session. I'm regularly in Anglesea and also have family in Horsham. I can arrange sessions for when I am visiting or make a special trip just for you!

Where are sessions held?

Newborn sessions are held in the comfort of your own home - I come to you! Family sessions are held either at your family home or a place that is special to you. We can bake in the kitchen, boogie in the backyard, eat ice-cream on your favourite park bench, jump in puddles (or on the bed) - anything that you enjoy doing and that has meaning to your family! Have a special location in mind? - let's chat! Want to be outside but not sure where? - I've got some favourite spots I can suggest!

What should I expect during my session?

When you book a session with me you are booking in special and quality time to hang out with your family, doing what you do, being who you are. Your session is unposed and with minimal direction - I very simply want to capture the perfectly imperfect real you - that's where the real magic is.

I'm not sure what we should do for our session?

I can help, I love this part! I'll ask you to fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know what makes you guys you, all your favourite things about your children and what is most special to you. This will help us to plan your session and make it as meaningful as possible.

Does my home need to be spotless? How can I prepare for you?

I’m all about natural light so I’ll ask you to open up blinds and curtains for the session. No, please don’t stress about having the house spotless!! A tidy up is helpful as clutter can be distracting in photos but I can help with this on the day if needed. I want your home to feel lived in and embrace everything you are and love.

What's the best time of day for sessions?

For newborn sessions, I like to shoot in the morning. Having said that, if this isn't good for you I am flexible and we can absolutely arrange another time. For at home family sessions the best time is dependant on the activities you have planned. We'll nut this one out together once you've filled in your questionnaire. For outdoor sessions, we'll shoot at ‘Golden Hour’ which is the time either just after sunrise or before sunset. I know that this can make for awkward timing for families depending on the time of year, but my oh my, the light is magic and totally worth it!!

What should I wear?

​The most important thing is that you wear something that you feel totally amazing in! If you feel good in what you are wearing, it will show in your photos/film! The family will look great in complementary colours (but not matching!) However, above all else I want you and your family to be in something that represents you and your style - whatever that may be!! Please try if possible to stay away from big patterns, stripes, wording or logos. For newborns, I love seeing teeny fingers and toes so a short sleeved neutral onesie is a great way to go. They’ll be time for a change if there are a couple of things you want your little one in. If you are really unsure or would like some help with what to wear, just let me know! I’m always happy to make suggestions.

What if the weather is bad?

If we have an outdoor session planned and it’s raining, we’ll reschedule. I keep a close eye on the weather leading up to sessions and I’ll contact you if it’s looking like we'll get wet or blown away.

What if we’re sick?

If you or one of your little ones is unwell we’ll reschedule. There is no extra cost for this. If I am unwell I will contact you straight away and we will reschedule.

When will I get my photos/film?

In the days following your session I’ll share a few of my favourite images on my Instagram and Facebook. Within 3-4 weeks I will have your full online gallery ready to share with you. You're film may take a little longer depending on the time of year.

I'm self conscious and worried we might be awkward in front of the camera..

You are not alone! A lot of people feel this way including myself. First of all, rememer that our session will be super relaxed and that I will never be in a rush, especially when small children are involved! No poses or cheesy smiles - your session is all about connecting with each other in a way that you do every day. Think of me less as a photogrpaher and more as a friend coming over to visit. You will relax into it and enjoy the time spent with your family!

Do you teach photography?

I sure do! Before I was a photographer I was a teacher. Teaching you how to use your camera gives me so much joy! I run half day workshops for mums (and dads!) with cameras. Jump on my mailing list to be first to hear when dates are released.

What is my kids don't 'cooperate' on the day?

I find a lot of my clients worry about this. Please don't! Because our session is all about hanging out with each other doing what you do (and not standing and looking at the camera) kids generally have a really fun time. And if there are tantrums, that can mean cuddles afterwards and those quiet moments are really special to capture. I always allow lots of time so if your kids need to take a time out, it's totally ok!

What is your privacy policy?

I completely respect your wishes in regard to privacy and will protect your privacy online and with regard to your photographs and/or film. I will not use your images for promotional cause without written permission.

Are you double vaccinated against Covid 19?

Yes! Please ensure you and any person over the age of 16 are double vaccinated prior to booking. Under current Victorian Government guidlines, I am only able to service fully vaccinated clients.

Have another question - no problem!

Get in touch and we'll chat.