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Ava | Newborn Photography and Films Melbourne

Baby Ava was born back in 2019 but I wanted to share this session as a little reminder to all you incredible mums to get in the picture!

I know that for so many brand new mums, getting in front of the camera is the last thing you feel like doing. This is how Sami (gorgeous mama to baby Ava) felt. Sleep deprived, overwhelmed, hurting, worried about how you'll look, worried that you won't have time to clean the house...the list goes on.

I'm so passionate about making newborn sessions super relaxed. You'll beam at your little love, give kisses, cuddles and never once be asked to look at the camera. The entire session is chilled and all about you and your little one.

I want your home to feel lived in and embrace everything you are and love. A spotless house is absolutely not something to stress about and I can help with any distracting bits on the day. People stress to me that their house isn't 'pretty' enough for pictures. Let me tell you now, as long as you have a window that lets in natural light, we can make beautiful images. Trust me on this!

Being present in photographs and footage for your children is such and beautiful and important gift. Seeing and touching these photos, watching these films, and being surrounded by memories will contribute to making children feel so deeply loved. It sure did for me when I was growing up and the photos and films I treasure most are the ones of us together as a family.

Your children will love seeing you in these photos forever and you will love looking back at yourself with your teeny tiny little love.

If you are full of heart, life and love, we are a match.

I'd love to meet you! Get in touch

Over to baby Ava!


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