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For all the families bringing home newborn babies during the pandemic, these tips on how to photograph your precious new baby are for you.

These moments matter, these days are worth documenting.

Please share if you know someone with a new bundle.

BEFORE YOU START Make sure your lens is clean! I know it sounds a bit silly to have to say but this will impact your photos, especially if you are using a phone.

IT'S ALL ABOUT TIMING When is your newborn baby happiest? If they're tired, hungry or unsettled it might not be the time to be taking photos. Likewise, if you aren’t feeling it, don’t force it. Taking photos of your baby should be an enjoyable experience.

Photo: Taken directly above baby while on dad's knee.


Ultimately this is up to you and there's no right and wrong. Personally, I love to see those tiny baby fingers and toes so you could try a plain short sleeve onesie. You can add wraps/ blankets/ knits for colour and patterns.

LET'S TALK ABOUT LIGHT I’m a natural light gal all the way! Turn off the lights in your home and your flash. Artificial indoor light can create shadows under eyes and can cast an unwanted yellow/orange tone on your photos. Use available natural light by moving your newborn baby close to a window to photograph. Be sure to avoid any direct sunlight that is coming in.

Photo: Taken in main bedroom on the bed with lots of natural light coming in the window. A blanket is used to add colour.

COMPOSITION Aim for simple, uncluttered backgrounds and surrounds. You want to avoid elements in your images that are distracting to the viewer's eye. Having said that, if there’s a really cute moment happening between baby and a sibling and a laundry basket is in the background, don’t worry about it. Moment always wins.

TIPS • Tidy up things you think will be distracting. • Sometimes getting down lower, shooting from above or changing your body angle can help eliminate those distracting elements from a photo.

• Use wraps or that knitted blanket Nan made to lie baby on for a simple background.

Photo: Bird's eye view taken in lounge room near window. Knitted blanket & wrap used to add colour & texture.

TRY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES Experiment with angles and shot types. Try a birds eye view! Don’t be afraid to get close - now get closer! Highlight a particular detail.. her hands.. his tiny toes, those long eyelashes. Now take 10 steps back and include the surroundings - the environment can help tell a story.

TIP •Avoid using the zoom function on your phone as the quality isn’t very good.

Photo: Capturing the details.

Photo: Taken of mum and baby in their favourite chair from the doorway of main bedroom.


I don't 'pose' babies in sessions. It's not my style and I'm not trained to do so safely. Your new baby is adorable just the way they are so be sure to keep it simple and safe. Photograph lots of moments of love and connection.

Photo: Taken over dad's shoulder angled down towards baby.

GET IN THE PHOTO! Mum, please get in the frame and exist in photographs with your children. In a few years down the track when your babes aren’t so little, these photos will have a value I just can’t describe. Hand over the camera to your partner (or older sibling) and get in the frame today.

TIP - you can turn your camera to selfie mode and use the timer!


Please please please print your photos!

Photos are for seeing, touching, loving and celebrating! They only belong in the cloud or on hard drives for back up purposes!

For tips on printing and why it's so important for our children click HERE


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