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Family Photographer and Filmmaker Melbourne - My Story.

Here's a little story about how I came to find my passion in documenting life. I'm telling it now because the real 'why' behind why I do what I do, is a very new realisation - one that took me over 20 years to come to in full.

This is my dad.

My funny, prankster, kind hearted, hardworking dad.

He was the memory keeper in our family growing up. If he didn't have a video camera glued to his shoulder (because in 1985 they were the size of a small child!) he had the old Minolta in hand. He kept our memories alive.

He took home videos of our first steps, us playing in the back yard with mum, singing our ABCs, putting on concerts in our lounge room, cooking in the kitchen, jumping on the bed... our life as it was. And the photos! We were surrounded by love on the walls and in albums. Boy did we love flicking through them on a Friday night in.

I was 11 when he died.

My interest in photography sparked at this time. And you know, it's only very recently that I have come to realise that it wasn't a coincidence. When dad died I immediately took on the role (very passionately) of documenting our life. I saved up to buy my first camera and there was no looking back.

It was just this week, going though all my dad's old photo albums and films that I've realised just how carefully he kept memories through all of his life, and how similar I am in my preservation of them.

Documenting is in my blood and I am super proud.


I'm working on a family film at the moment. It's a pretty special one because it's of my sister and her family. After 8 years living in London, being back with my family in Australia and being able to document these days.. I couldn't be happier. While I wait for the summer days to roll in I'm going to sit with a cup of tea and edit away.


I'd love you to check out my website.

I am now in business in Melbourne offering family films and photography.

My heart and soul are on these pages.

~ Paige ~

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