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PRINTING YOUR FAMILY PHOTOS | Why we need to & the best places to do it.

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

When I was a kid I lived for the days we got to pick up our prints from the local Kodak store! We'd get home and sit together to flick through the pack over and over. We'd pick out our favourites for the family album and laugh at whoever had their eyes closed or was pulling a funny face. This is one of my favourite memories and I grew up surrounded by family photographs.

I believe in filling our walls and our albums with photographs that show our children how much we love them. We live in a time where we have the technology, opportunity and freedom to take more photographs than ever before. If someone has their eyes closed - no sweat - we'll take another. But there’s one problem and it scares me a lot:

People aren't printing their photos anymore! 

I want you to think about how many photos you have on your phone... On your hard drive... In the cloud. Now think about how many of these photos are actually printed. And how many of these photos aren’t saved anywhere else? So many of us have the very best intentions to print our pictures. I’m so damn passionate about printing and even for me it’s a job that gets shuffled down the priority list. 

But what happens when you drop your phone or your hard drive malfunctions.. Some of your most precious memories will be lost forever. And even if that doesn’t happen, the thought of your family memories sitting in the cloud or on an old usb unseen and untouched really makes me so darn sad.  

Photos are for seeing, touching, loving and celebrating! 

The other truth that hits home to me is this: Through the years I’ve lost some of the people I have loved most, some sooner than expected. I am so easily reminded of their love with a glance of a photo or the flick of one of my albums. While I know there are many ways to be reminded of love, this is the most powerful for me and it's a constant reminder that printing my photos couldn't be more important.

So my friends, I urge you to get printing! Get some of your favourite family memories up on the wall to enjoy.

But where do I print!?

Let me help you. Below is my favourite places to print my personal snaps. They are reasonably priced and great quality. You definitely get what you pay for when you print photographs. There are many companies that will print your photos cheap as chips but the colour and quality of paper and printing just doesn't cut it.

I generally order from my desktop (this is where I have best access to my organised photo files) however you can very easily order from your phone!

I like to get a Matte finish - this is just my personal preference.

I know that for some of you the thought of printing and organising your photos feels incredibly overwhelming! Hang in there, I can help you, this is just the beginning. Please email or DM me on Instagram or Facebook with any questions about printing. (I'm serious, I really want to help you with this!)

For more tips and tricks jump on my mailing list. No spam - that's a promise!

Lastly, if you're thinking about having your own family photographed, please get in touch! (besides getting love filled photos of your family, the next best thing is that you can leave the printing up to me!)


Paige Gotts

Family and Newborn Photography and Films

Melbourne and Beyond!


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